UM@OFFICE Vol.01 Is.01


First UM at the Office Strip
1a) OMG!!! 1b) That Sax tho… 2) Church set!!! 3) So many options, So little time

Were making digital comics here (for the time being). This will be fun considering bPULP’s diverse team. Allegory, aphorism, cynicism, banter, laughs, psy·che·del·ic digital art with sometimes difficult humor… This site reflects my personality heavily. Its a labor of love, and at this point I’d like to keep the background short and sweet.

This is not a blog, and will never become one. Talk to me in real life about it. I have a phone & you can easily find my digits (ladies).

A full comic with all the trimmings is in the works, but please enjoy the variety show – UM@OFFICE (#UMoffice) for the foreseeable future.

For this project, I have all my background research finished.

Tolkien had to read Icelandic Sagas.

I had to endure stints of face-melting riffs.

Tolkien – 0

Stjernberg – 1



Good Vibes Miami.jpg
Pulp: a soft moist shapeless mass of matter

I’ve made a lot of shit in my day. detritus. art that nobody cared about.

I’ve stayed awake days on end w/out clandestine stimulants for design critiques where everyone in the room was sleeping.

No more sleeping fam. #Tiger

Keep hating the teasers, but this cat is still in the bag. #Bpulp

No Diablo

Tryptich Wooks
We all know who were talking about here…

BackpackPulpProductions (#Bpulp) is a nonprofit organization aimed at celebrating the joy of festival life. Memes are our forte, and comics are our medium.

The festival scene is filled with countless wonderful individuals, but the bad apples are spoiled and fermenting – creating a fine aroma of feces and cheep booze.

We step over these lost souls while trekking to the next killer set, but never question the causes. Lets talk about them & then make hilarious comics!

If you see us at a show, come chat our ear off!

Please leave a comment & remember 2 check back often! #Bpulp

And so it begins..

“When the Doors of Perception literally crack the sky in front of your face for over an hour, your day job tends to be hard to return to…”

“Lightning At Summer Camp Music Festival 2016 – Slow Motion”


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